Databases to help you evaluate human reproductive risks of drugs, chemical, and physical/environmental agents

People are never more careful about their health than when they are starting a family. Exposures to even common substances can prove dangerous. The REPRORISK® System is the single, most comprehensive source of reproductive risk information available. Whether evaluating the risks of drugs or chemicals, identifying potential hazards, or counseling patients, REPRORISK content can help reduce exposures and prevent possible medical and legal complications. With information on general toxicity, fertility, genetic influences, teratogenic agents, and more, the System addresses concerns of females, males, and unborn children. The REPRORISK System comprises four databases - REPROTOX®, REPROTEXT®, TERIS, and Shepard's Catalog - ensuring complete reproductive risk data is instantly accessible in one, easy-to-use tool.


  • Covers all aspects of reproduction including fertility, male exposures, and lactation
  • Helps set risk-reducing priorities by combining hazard ratings and exposure estimates
  • Assists patients in making more informed decisions and preventive measures
  • Provides evidence-based, referenced data on risks of acute exposures, as well as reproductive, carcinogenic, and genetic influences

Intended Users

  • Physicians, nurses, and pharmacists
  • Industrial hygienists and medical officers
  • Risk and safety managers
  • Toxicologists
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